Winter Deals

Great Winter Deals For You!

You want to boost your sales for this summer? No problem with our high-quality ice machines!

With the look of our machines, potential guests will immediately attentive of you. Our machines convince with modern-simple or colorful design. In the summer there is ice almost everywhere, but everyone will mainly remember yours. The technical performance of the machines and the associated result of the ice will make you most satisfied. Our ice machines have many features and programs that you will enjoy.

The technical features will allow you to use easily the ice cream machine. Of course, all our machines have the cleaning program. It saves you time and a lot of trouble. Simply fill with water and the program cleans thoroughly and by itself. The day & night program gives you the opportunity to cool the ice over night. You can start making ice cream immediately the next day. We do not recommend this for days. For the consistency, there are selectable hardness levels. The selection of the degrees of hardness from 1 to 12. Just try it out. All machines have a swell pump that increases the volume of the ice. The goal is to make the ice creamier and more out of the measure. There are many more features that vary, of course, depending on the ice maker. 

Have we sparked your interest? Take advantage of the winter offers to get your benefits – before it’s too late


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